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Waxing and Men's cares

Gentlemen Welcome !

All my services in one page to make your navigation easier. You will find here a great '' one stop shop '' for men from aesthetic, waxing for men and professional massage therapy services. Come see my unique concept in the great Longueuil - Montreal area! 
Choose from a great variety of cares in the men-u, all adapted and created for men. Promotions at the bottom of the page. Please note, for simplicity all taxes are includes in rates.

The Gentleman Face Care  1h15 - 65 / 75$

Need the express version ? 30min - 50$ 

Young Man (under 18) 50$


The face is one of the most sensitive area as it is exposed to pollution and aggressions on a daily basis (sun, smog, dust, hours of sleep missing, stress, etc..). This care will in a pleasant way, deeply clean your skin and chase a lot of stress away! It also prevent and treat wrinkles to keep your skin with a youthful appearance! All face cares includes the following, only the mask/treatment  at the end change.
-Skin cleansing
-Exfoliation (dead cells)
-Blackheads extraction 
-Moisturising mask (regular or peeling treatment )

Done every 2 months, this care will help a lot against:

-oily skin
-dehydrated skin
-sunburn (when the skin is falling)
And so much more !

For best results, complete your care at home and use adapted skin care. Ask me which products to use for your skin type.
Click here to see the list of products available and coming soon!

Back Treatment  45min - 45$

Hard to reach for most of person, the back can become the host of small skin imperfections. Don't worry i got your back ! This care is very similar to a face care (facial). It includes a deep skin cleansing, an extraction of blackheads, a moisturising body wrap and of course a total relaxation!
Prevents against :
- Blackheads
- Acne and pimples
- Dry skin or oily skin
- After a while sunburn

Add a 30minutes massage for 40$!

Dead Sea Salt Exfoliation    45 min - 45$

This care gently polish and exfoliate your body from all dead cells, giving a nice and uniform complexion. It also opens the pores, preparing the skin to absorb the maximum amount of active ingredients contains in a body wrap. This salt is incredibly unique in the world and is frequently used for various treatments of skin problems. It is also full of minerals that your body is probably missing here and there.
-Extremely relaxing for the body and your mind
-Get rid of dry and rough skin, excellent after a sunburn
-Excellent against skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, acne and more
-Help for rheumatism, arthritis, cramps and muscles spams, painful articulations
-Magnesium  slows down skin aging and is a natural stress killer.
-Calcium helps cells exchanges
-Potassium maintain the skin hydratation

1001 others benefits come and see for yourself ! In solo or duo with a body wrap. 

Body Wrap 1h - 60 / 70$

Ever heard of a body wrap before ? It is an amazing way to spoil yourself and bring wellness on all levels! You will be cover from head to toe with the mix of your choice. All made of quality and high active ingredients, please read each description to choose the best match for you!

Chocolate   65$
Who doesn't like the smell of a chocolate cake cooking ? You will be totally relaxing while its best properties works for you. Made of one of the most concentrated ''green'' energy supplier, the cocoa, you will feel amazingly energized after this body wrap. An excellent anti stress and also a great moisturizer  for dry skin. Be ready for a great aromatic experience !

Seaweed   60$
Feeling heavy ? Tired ? Maybe you need to get rid of a few toxins...  This treatment will encourage perspiration and will accelerate the body metabolism. You won't loose weight right after but there is a slimming action. Seaweeds are one of the best source of minerals, vitamins and IODINE**
**(be careful if you have an allergy to iodine or an health issue related to the thyroid gland, ask your doctor) 

Dead Sea Black Mud   65$
This mud is the most special one you can find on earth. It is very rich in all kind of minerals required by your body. It has virtues that can help against some skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, acne...  It will also remove plenty of toxins stuck in your skin. Helps to slow the aging of the skin, it will relax sore muscles and reduce inflammation. 

Cranberry    70$
My favourite magic fruit ! This treatment Gentlemen , is the perfect anti-aging care. It is 100% natural and made of high quality ingredients just like the other wraps! Its very powerful antioxidant property , soak off free radicals which creates genetic damages then aging. You will be like in a warm cocoon with a sweet smell in the air. An other level of wellness while this amazing fruit is moisturising and repairing life damages on your skin! 

Which one do you want try ?

Hands Care  30min - 25$

For spick-and-span hands that will give you a real neat and professional look!
-Nails will be cut and cuticules maintained
-Eliminates little imperfections that bothers you (dry skin, nails damaged )
-Hands and forearms will be massaged, releasing all tensions

Feet Fix   45min - 45$

Also known as a pedicure, that is what you need for healthy and good looking feet! Your toes nails will be cleaned, cut and any rough part will be softened. All the angles are taking care of.
-Helps against ingrown nails by cutting your nails the right way
-Treats dry skin, corns, calluses and more

Littles tricks for home
-Dry well between toes after shower to avoid humidity (bacteria,fungus)
-Moisturize top and bottom of your feet as often as you think of

Men Waxing

I know how hard it can be to find a great male waxing service. Some might not be adapted which means bad techniques and wrong men's skin knowledge are employed. For many years now, i have been specialised in cares for men and i made my mission of giving you the  same quality of service that women can find in spas.

Don't be shy this whole website and services as been designed for you!
What you are looking for is right in this page or just a phone call away!

Areas offer for Men Waxing

 (*all most sensitive areas are done with hot wax for your comfort* )
-Chest   30$+
-Armpits*   10$
-Full arms  35$+
-Half arms  25$
-Full legs  55$+
-Half legs  30$
-The Man-zilian* (front intimate area)
  Partial 45$*   Full 55$*
-Buttocks and Cleft* (butt) 30$
-Back and Shoulders 30$+
-Eyebrows, nose or ears 10$*
-Full Body Waxing 190-200$
On some areas, get 5$off on 2 and 10$on 3 and more

To maximize good results once at home, here is a few things you should know.

Simple. It means dead cells on your skin will be removed so nothing blocks the hairs from growing back straight. Easy. Rub the Renaissance glove while in the shower. After 1 week and half following your waxing, for about twice a week until you come for your next session but not less then 24-48 H before your next waxing. Available here  in different colours!

- Moisturizing
A moisturized skin is easier for hairs to pierce. This will also prevent from ingrown hairs.

- Cold water
After your session take a warm shower and finish with cold water. This will help to close pores and realign tiny muscles attached to every hairs (think of goosebumps)

-No scratching !
Put a cold towel to calm your skin is itching. If you scratch it, it will automatically give you pimples and probably ingrown hairs. Be nice to your skin!

-No Sun
Avoid sun or tanning 48h minimum, before and after a waxing.

-Every 4-5 weeks
Done on a regular basis,you will realize that your hairs will become wickers and will take more time before they grow back. Worth the try isn't ? 

Now enjoy the nice feeling of your hair-free skin!


In need of some spoiling time ? Need to relax and feel new again ?
Here is a few combo ideas. What you have in mind is not there ? No problem choose 3 cares or more and et a rebate on the total.
Call me so we can plan the best cares according to your needs, you are in good hands !

Special 1001   210$   4 - 5 H

-Gentlemen Face care (regular, add 10$for peeling)
-Massage 1h
-Body wrap of your choice

Know what loosing track of time means !

The Perfect Duo  100-120 $  2 - 2.30 H

-Gentlemen Face Care (regular)
-Massage treatment for 30min or 1h

The Cocoon  105 $   2H
-Dead Sea Salt Exfoliation
-Body Wrap of your choice


Thanks for your trust and loyalty!
For any questions don't hesitate to contact me !

Mellissa Sanchez
Owner and Manscaping Specialist